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EUGERA - JI-City Jambi Integrated City 

The JI-City project covers a total area of 2170 hectares and is divided into different sectors. The aim is to develop, plan and implement one of the most modern city projects in Indonesia. Around 10,000 to 15,000 new jobs will be created in the Jambi Integrated City. The establishment of numerous new companies as well as the settlement of foreign companies in the Jambi Integrated City guarantees a high standard of living in the future. The project is planned and implemented on the most modern international and technological standards. An absolutely green and smart city.

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Eugera Industries Ltd officially took over the project conception, project development, financial management, project management and construction management for the mega project "JI-CITY" on December 30th, 2020.

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Eugera Industries Ltd takes over the entire project management for the Jambi - Integrated City Project in cooperation with the land owner and the project team in Jakarta

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Eugera Industries Ltd takes on the project implementation in all sectors of the project. Development, infrastructure, civil engineering and building construction in cooperation with the project owner and the project team in Jakarta

The project development includes buildings in the following categories

  1. Housing Area: Houses, Apartments, Flats

  2. Commercial Area: Hotels, Shophouses, Shopping Centers, Offices, Government buildings, Public buildings

  3. Public Facilities: Schools and Universities, Hospitals, Places of Worship, Supermarkets, Licensing Head Offices

  4. Utilities: Water, Electricity, Internet and Telecommunications, Gas, Drainage / Sanitation systems

  5. Road: Primary roads, Secondary roads, Tertiary roads and Sidewalks

  6. Green Open Space: Recreational Parks, Technopark, Lakes, Entertainment areas, Sport areas, Islamic Center

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Eugera Industries Ltd plans to firmly establish companies from the following industries in the Jambi Integrated City.

  • Oleochemical Industry (Fatty Alcohol)

  • Oleochemical Industry (Surfactant / Metil Ester Sulfonat)

  • Independent Power Producer (IPP) – Natural Gas

  • Rubber Industry and Rubber related Industry

  • Biodiesel Industry

  • Electronic Industry

  • Fertilizer Industry

  • Logistic Industry

  • Packaging Industry

  • Automotive Industry

  • Concrete Industry

  • Steel Industry 

  • Mechanical engineering industry

  • Light metal construction industry

  • Construction industry module for space modules

  • Container and container construction industry

  • Craft businesses in all economic sectors

  • Food and Beverages Industry

  • Pulp and Paper Industry

  • Furniture Industry

  • Etc...

  • Vegetables Factory 

  • Mushrooms production

  • Cut flowers production

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