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Farm and Organic Farms

The Group invests in the development of agricultural projects.

The investment is made in various sectors.

  • Installation and drilling of groundwater wells and the construction of water reservoirs.

  • in the construction of warehouses, cold stores and social buildings

  • in the construction of foil greenhouses and shadow syste

  • in the agricultural land for growing crops

  • in the technical systems, processing and communication systems

Ranch and organic farm Management

List of countries in which investments and projects in the area of ranch and organic farms are planned.

  • Africa all countries

  • Asia all countries and island states

  • Australia, Oceania

  • South and Central America all Countries

  • Caribbean Islands

  • America, Canada

  • Europe and Eastern Europe

Space requirements: 1 hectare to 500 hectares

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Product Groups

  • Depending on the country and region, the product groups are determined by experienced agricultural economists.

Most of the harvests and yields are marketed in regional shops and traditional markets.

Part of the production is sold in the hotels and resorts in the region.

Some 25% of the production is marketed under its own brand, which is produced in all ranch and organic farm companies worldwide.

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