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Eugera - International

Incoming land offers

Status January 2024

680.190 sqm

land under review

Status January 2024

595.000 sqm

Land in project development

Status January 2024

862.000 sqm

Land under process

Status January 2024

506.500 sqm 


Thanks for your offer. We will contact you soon.

News: Germany January 2024

Building land wanted for hotel and co-living project in Berlin. Area from 2000 sqm to 4000 sqm in a good location. We check every offer

Co-Living rooms 260  

Restaurant / Coffee + Bar / Gym, SPA, indoor pool area

News: Canada (no2) January 2024
In Canada (Toronto and Vancouver) we are planning the construction of 6 steel structure prefab houses as well as model houses and 22 townhouses. We are looking for contact with local construction companies and real estate companies.


News: Canada (no1) January 2023
Nova Scotia/New Brunswick: We are looking for building land or project location. purchase or participation. Everything is negotiable.
An exclusive farm and ranch resort and residence with 25 to 35 Falcon luxury bungalows, c
entral residence club building and 6 luxury Falcon houses and villas is planned

News: Ranch and Farm Hotels

We are looking for building land and project locations on farms, plantations or in exclusive landscape locations.

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