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The Eugera Group develops projects in various economic areas. In the field of project development for major projects, the Eugera Group works with architects and designers in several countries on a cooperative basis.

In the field of project development for real estate projects and commercial projects, the Eugera Group has been working with an experienced team for several years.

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Eugera own International Projects

Real Estate Projects
Hospital Projects
Green Energy Projects

Modular Projects

Projects on behalf of our customers

Real Estate Projects
Commercial Projects
Infrastructure Projects
AirPort Projects

Tourism Projects
Hotel & Resorts
Ranch Hotels

City Hotels
Hotel and Resorts

Amusement Parks
Farm and Ranch Hotels

Industrial and Commercial 

Production Facilities
Industrial Plants
Logistics and Transportation
Seaport Projects

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New Projects 2022 and 2024 

EUGERA GROUP Project no 531 building 07.December.2022.jpg

We present new projects that are currently being planned.

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BUSINESS and HOTEL TOWER Project 507 2022_1.jpg
New Projects 2020 - 2026 Greenhouse Projects
AGERA GLOBAL FARMS Hydroponic 44,8 x 96
AGERA GLOBAL FARMS Greenhouse + Living S

Greenhouse systems for vegetables, fruits, plants and cut flowers.
Greenhouses with foils, double-walled plastic, glass roofing.

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