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Modular Hospitals

Modular medical buildings of all types and in all required sizes.

Building and medical sectors

1.) Medical treatment center and portable medical room modules

2.) Medical treatment center and modular emergency medicine building

3.) Isolation stations including doctor and treatment areas

4.) Modular hospitals also with treatment rooms, different medical treatment
     sectors, operating rooms

5.) Complete modular hospitals for various medical specialties.

The Partners of the Eugera Group offer a full service worldwide

a.) Concept and design planning

b.) on-site consultation

c.) Construction planning
d.) Production of the modules in the factories of the partner companies
e.) Delivery of modules, components and equipment to every country
f.) Assembly of medical modular buildings worldwide. We don't just deliver the
     modules and components.

g.) We send a team of experts to engineers and fitters who assemble the
     modular buildings with local companies.

EUGERA GROUP Hospital Typ 0002.1 26.03.2
Eugera Industries Module Sonderproduk (6

Modular hospitals offer a variety of advantages

  • short planning time

  • short production time

  • short delivery time

  • short construction time

  • enormous flexibility

  • Can be expanded at any time with individual modules or entire modular building sectors

  • modular buildings are portable and can be moved to another location at any time.

DIS 056.jpg
Premium Hospitals
HH-Management Hospital 1.png

Premium Hospitals 

Eugera project development 

hospital st.png


Hospital modular_11.jpg
Hospital modular_12.jpg

Modular hospitals for every medical sector.
Emergency medicine, quarantine ward and for hospitals with various specialties.
Example: operating room modules, patient rooms, doctor's rooms, pharmacy, x-ray room, dentist modules, internal medicine
Modular hospitals
Emergency medical care in crisis areas.
From 1 to 10 modules
Available at short notice
Suitable for every climate zone
Temporary use
Long term use
Hire purchase options
Financing options and participation on request

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