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NEW PROJECTS 2023 to 2026 

The EUGERA GROUP Pte. Ltd. based in Singapore develops and implements projects for operating companies, funds and investors.
Projects are currently being planned in Asia, Europe and South, Central and North America.

Europe - Germany Projects 2024
               1. International Steel Import and Export Center Project no DE-1003
                   Eugera Group's project investment is 100% of the project costs
               2. Hotel and Co-Living Project Berlin 68 Apartments DE-1004

               3. Greifswald industrial park with 10 steel halls, 1 Offices building (GFA
                   6500 sqm) with 56 rental units
                   Eugera Group's project investment is 70% of the project costs
               4. Pfullendorf-Stetten commercial project with 3 steel halls and 3 office
                   Eugera Group's project investment is 30% of the project costs

Asia - Indonesia - Jakarta and Makassar 
          International Hospital Project no IDN2023/24/25-1045
          Apartment Complex Project no IDN2023/24-1032


Asia - Thailand
          Commercial City Project Project no TH2021/22/23/24/25-0555


Asia - Malaysia
          In Progress


Asia - Tokyo 
          Hotel and Resort / Tower Project / Project no JP-2020 to 2026   


South America - Uruguay
                           Hotel and Resort Project nu URY-2022/23-0982
                           Logistic Center - Montevideo 
                           Apartment Complex 
                           Information - Uruguay all Projects 


Central America - Costa Rica Projects 2024
                             The Costa Rica Project - Phase 1   
                             Exclusive Houses
                             Eugera Group's project investment is 100% of the project costs


Caribbean Islands - Sint Maarten Project 2024
                                 Holiday-House Project SM-2023-1051

                                 Exclusive Houses                            
                                 Eugera Group's project investment is 100% of the project costs

Canada - Nova Scotia
                In Progress

International Projects - Green Energy Project 2024 Germany 
                                     Solar and Photovoltaic Plants 
                                     Areal 21000 sqm Solar-Plant
                                     Number of Modules 10560 Module

For more information about the projects, contact us

Projects that are currently being planned are in the following economic sectors,
Warehouses, Production halls, Shopping Malls, Office buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Apartment complexes, Pedestrian bridges, Exhibition halls, Hangers, Waiting halls at Airports, Railway stations and Bus stations

Current projects worldwide - 2019 to 2025 - Learn more 

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News January 2024

We are looking for building land for various projects worldwide. Direct valuation of the building land, short decision-making time for lease or purchase.
As a project developer, we work on behalf of customers, operating companies and investors and plan projects such as hotels, resorts, apartment complexes, hospitals, schools, high-rise buildings, terminals, public buildings, business and shopping centers as well as industrial projects, logistics centers and more.

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