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News 2023 March - Eugera - Green Energy
Building including a free solar system.

All steel halls and buildings and projects that are planned and delivered by Eugera and implemented worldwide by Eugera's partners are supplied with a corresponding standard solar system. The free solar systems are designed to produce the energy required for the interior and exterior lighting of the building.
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Solar and Photovoltaic Projects

Alternative energy. The Eugera Group and its partners are looking for project land and locations for the construction of solar and photovoltaic systems.

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Countries, locations and areas

1. Africa - Marocco

2. Africa - South Africa

3. Africa - Kenia

4. Africa - Tanzania

5. Africa - Ghana

6. Africa - Madagaskar

7. Asia - Indonesia

8. Asia - Philippina

9. Asia - Vietnam

10. Asia - Thailand

11. South America - Paraguay

12. South America - Peru

13. South America - Chile

14. South Amerika - Argentinia

15. South America - Brasil

16. America all states

17. Espania

18. Portugal

19. Arabia 

20. worldwide 

Solar thermal and Photovoltaic 

The terms photovoltaic and solar thermal are often used interchangeably. Both systems use the power of the sun.
The difference is
Photovoltaic systems generate electricity from solar radiation.
Solar systems (solar thermal) produce heat and hot water from the sun's rays.


Photovoltaic plant

Energy generation, performance

Power to 0,5 MW

Power to 1,0 MW
Power 1,0 to 2,5 MW
Power 2,6 to 5,0 MW
Power 5,1 to 10 MW

Power 10,1 to 15 MW

Power 15,1 to 50 MW

Power 50,1 to 100 MW

Power 100,1 to 250 MW

Power 250,1 to 500 MW

Power 500,1 to 1000 MW = 1 GW

Solar Street 1.png
Project Information Photovoltaic Plant S

Small systems for detached houses and small villages in remote regions.
Planning, production, delivery and assembly
Operations and plant management: yes

Countries, locations, areas and service
We are looking for project locations of at least 1 hectare to 500 hectares
Lease: 30 years to 99 years
Purchase: on request
Joint venture: on request
Planning, production, delivery and assembly
Operations and plant management: yes

Service and maintenance: worldwide
Guarantee: yes

For each plant we plan, we offer individual cost and benefit planning, an investment partner, individual contracts and financing. In this segment, the Group's partners work with investors, banks, funds and organizations who know the local situation.

Who offer solar systems for any location worldwide if the location is at least 1 hectare.

EUGERA GROUP and Partner

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