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The Land-Management 

The Eugera L.B. is a project development and project management sector

The Eugera L.B. Management works exclusively for land and project owners.
Who owns land as property is faced with the question. How can I generate income from land ownership?

With a land ownership, profit can be permanently generated without the land having to be sold.


The Eugera L.B. now offers a fourth option. This option is based on many years of experience and the necessary number of business areas in which the entire group of companies operates.

We guarantee that every land ownership will generate income.

Advantages that offer 100 percent and absolute secure.

1. The landowner always remains the owner of his property.

2. There are no foreign registrations in the land register

3. You don't have to invest a dime

4. Absolute transparency, You will automatically become a member of
    the Board of Directors of Eugera L.B.

5. Your land holdings quickly generate a fixed income every months.

The Eugera L.B. is committed to up to eighty-five percent in the social segment. The targeted investment creates new jobs and perspectives for the people in the regions.


The Eugera L.B. offers a suitable concept for every land owner and for every type of land property.
The Eugera L.B.

  • develops the usage concept

  • mediates the partner for the project

  • invests in the planned project

The Eugera L.B. offers landowners and administrators, usage, rental and land leasing contracts with a usage of 1 year to 99 years. Offer us your farmland, pasture land, fallow land, building land. We bring the right project, the right use with our partners.

Project land in areas: overview

Eugera - Canada

For an investment we are looking for building land for 15 to 50 exclusive holiday homes in Nova Scotia and British Columbia. The property should be located on a lake.

We review every land offer we receive and respond in a maximum of 3 days. Local appointments for viewing by appointment.

Eugera - Real Estate Service Canada: Turnkey real estate projects for private and commercial investors. Vacation homes, houses, villas, resorts, exclusive apartment buildings, hotels and more.

Eugera Group Canada.png

Socially oriented projects

This includes all projects from the areas

  • Drinking water extraction and cleaning

  • The establishment of organic farms, cultivation of fruits, vegetables, crops

  • Agriculture and livestock farming

  • Energy generation (solar and photovoltaic systems)

  • the construction of schools and sports facilities

  • the construction of medical facilities

  • Investments in regional handicrafts

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For more information or do you want to offer land? Contact us

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