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Mining technology for all raw materials

For Mining Companies

The Eugera Group supplies mining companies from all sectors through the technology sector. Gold, diamond, silver and copper mines as well as mining companies in the areas of coal, gravel, quarries and lithium mines. Conveyor systems, screening and washing systems, sorting systems, X-Ray machines, deep drilling machines, aggregates, compressors, centrifuges, shaking tables, stone crushers 

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Deep well drilling machines

For all companies

Drilling machines and drilling rigs for mining companies, civil engineering companies and more.
Drilling machines with drilling depths of 60 m to 800 m, self-propelled or mounted on trucks
The drilling machines can drill vertically as well as horizontally.
There are currently 24 types available in different performance ranges. Technical description, delivery, commissioning and training for safe operation

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Crane and lifting technology

For all Companies

Cranes and crane systems for warehouses and industrial halls from 1 t to 150 t, for outdoor storage areas, single girder bridge cranes from 1 t to 100 t, double girder bridge cranes from 3 t to 200 t, gantry cranes from 5 t to 500 t, dock crane systems, self-propelled crane systems . Project development and project planning, production, delivery, assembly, commissioning

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