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Water is the basis of all life

Well drilling machine for ground water

E-G. Crawler-Water-Well-Drilling-Rig-for

Water is the basis of all life

We are looking for locations in many countries to set up service centers and sales agencies for well drilling machines. Become an entrepreneur: Foundation of well drilling companies and companies for water purification and bottling.
We offer strategic concepts, participations and project development for all countries.


Countries and locations

Australia, Indonesia, Philippina, Vietnam, Thailand, Arabia, Africa all countries, South- and Central America all countries, Europe, Russia and more...

Water is the basis of all life

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Natur and water
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Nature and water shortages
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Nature - no more water

Drilling machine for groundwater wells and further drilling.

Crawler-mounted DTH Drilling rig Machine
Model EUGERA-FY-X180
Drilling diameter 140-254 mm
Drilling depth: 180 m
Once-time advance length (mm) 3400
Walking speed 2.5 km/h
Climbing ability (Max.) 30
Working pressure (Mpa) 1.7-3.0
Air consumption (m 3/min) 17-31
Rig lifting force 15
Matching power (kw) 55
Rotational speed (rpm) 45-65
Rotational torque (N.M) 3200-4600
Drill pipe 76mm
Weight 4.5 t

Dimension (mm) 3800*1500*2200

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