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Multi-Level Projects 


The multi-level project is a building with different uses. Multi-level projects are used in combination with shopping centers, offices, hotels and apartments.

The project is specially planned for the city locations and fulfills two basic requirements for investors.

1.) 50% of the rentable building space is rented to local or international companies
2.) 50% of the sellable building area is sold to private buyers and commercial investors. The real estate portion comprises 40% apartments and 10% office and retail space
3.) public areas (technical rooms, stairwells and elevators are not assigned to the rental or sales areas)


Depending on the country, city and location, the rentable and salable space is adjusted as a percentage. Salable real estate in cities such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York can be up to 65%.

Year: 2019

Tower 201,9m 48 Floors.jpg
Eugera Group multi level tower building

More Informationen about this project --- Learn more

Multilevel building 5 floor B-SK-P2 2020

New Project: Offices building I Floor area 4.514 sqm 

Business Project KL.jpg
Eugera Group multi level tower building

Project: Multi-Level building I Floor area 48.116.71 sqm 

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