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Coffee Container - Typ no. 001 Special offer for 2020

Typ: Coffee Container Dimension: L 6005 m x W 2,5 m x H 2,89 m Weight: 3,6 t Status: new Incl. furnishing, furniture as in the picture Water connection: yes Waste water connection: yes Electrics and lighting: yes Sockets: 10

Light switch: 2

Fuse box: 1 The container can be closed with aluminum roller shutters

Floor with 120 mm insulation, with natural stone (magic stone) Roof with 120 mm insulation and real wood décor Wall with 75 mm insulation and wall pint

Price: FOB 11.500,-- USD

Rent price per months: (only the Container, we picture)

Minimum rental period: 12 months Delivery to, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippina, Vietnam, Europa, Amerika and Africa Delivery time: 4 week to 8 week

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