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Eugera Real Estate

Project no IN/CR-B-0128/2BR    Country: Costa Rica 

Eugera - Real Estate offers bungalows, houses, villas, investment projects.

Best locations, exclusive equipment, earthquake-proof construction with steel structure and EPS concrete elements. The construction method using solid elements shortens the construction time to 2 weeks.

Off-Plan Project no IN/CR-B-0128/2BR

Countries and regions

The bungalow can be built in any country.

We generally offer the bungalow with very high-quality insulation.

  • For tropical countries: with air condition

  • For Mediterranean climate zones: with air conditioning and heating

  • For cold countries: with heating

The Bungalow

Modern high class Bungalow

Suitable: as an investment for rent or for own use Construction systems: Eugera Steel- EPS Concrete Wall Systems

Length: 15 m x Width: 6.8m/10m Room height: 3 m Ridge height: 4 m Living space: 128 m² Terraces: 30 m²

Rooms and more

Bedroom: 2 Bathroom: 1 Guest bathroom: 1 Kitchen and dining area: 1 Living space: 1 Technical room: 1 Storage room: 1 Terrace: 2

Car port: on request Garage: on request

Exterior walls: 200 mm EC/EPS concrete-granite wall

Interior walls: 150 mm EC/EPS concrete wall elements

Space blankets, completely insulated

Roof: completely insulated

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Off-Plan Project no IN/CR-B-0186/2BR

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