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Project for Worker and Students - Service Apartment Co-Living

Service Apartments for workers and students or for Hotel and Co-Living Concept

Building type A-0002

The project is ideal for investors

Apartments for workers and students

Building type 1

The project is ideal for investors

Apartment block

Length: 54.8 m, width: 11.6 m

Number of floors: 4

Double-glazed, turn-tilt windows

Room doors with 42 db sound insulation

Inner walls: 100 mm EPS / ALC wall elements

External walls: 150 mm EPS concrete wall element

Available with flat roof or with tiled roof

Electrics complete

Air condition per room

Bedroom + Bathroom

Bathroom: incl. Toilet, sink, shower cabin

Construction: steel - prefab construction (also available in modular construction)

Number of apartments: 88

Construction time for a complete steel prefab building: 4 to 6 weeks

Delivery time FOB: 14 days for steel prefab construction


The length of the buildings can be individually adjusted.

Room sizes: the room sizes can also be individually adjusted.

The buildings can also be designed and modified so that they can be used as a full hotel.

Price from $ 295 per sqm

Delivery: worldwide

Assembly or construction management: yes

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