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Warehouses, logistics halls and cold storage halls

Project no 289

Eugera Industries Ltd is a project developer that plans, produces, supplies and builds in cooperation with the producers of steel constructions and steel structures for buildings of all kinds worldwide.

Building data

  • Building Length: 36.40 m

  • Building width: 49.90 m

  • GFA: 2744 sqm

  • Floors: 2

  • Steel construction completely hot-dip galvanized

  • Roof covering: 75mm Rockwool Sandwich Panel

  • Wall covering: 75mm Rockwool sandwich panel

  • Rolling sectional doors: electric drive

Other equipment: offices, staff rooms, sanitary facilities, lounge, kitchen

Depending on location, country and climate

  1. Snow load: from 0.2 kN/sqm to 3.1 kN/sqm

  2. Wind load: up to 100 km/h to 240 km/h

  3. Earthquake proof: up to M7.8

Eugera Industries offers a full service and many advantages

  • Project development

  • Project planning

  • Building and construction planning

  • Production of the steel structure (the Eugera cooperates with 6 steel manufacturers in production)

  • Transport, delivery worldwide

  • Assembly worldwide

For more information please contact us

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