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For plantation and farm owners, rancher. Secure future, investment and increasing income.

We are planning investments in a special tourism sector. From 2022 we will invest in a tourism project AGERA - "Ranch and Organic Farm Hotel & Resort"

The EUGERA GROUP and partners plan investments in locations that are located on ranches, plantations and farms.

The project connects tourism with regional farmers, plantation and ranch operators or owners.

Advantages for operators and owners of ranches, plantations and farms.
We don't just invest in the hotel and resort project!


We invest in the infrastructure of the ranch, plantation or farm.

This includes access,

  • Roads, paths, fences

  • Technology, power generation, groundwater extraction, water treatment,

  • Production areas, acreage, harvesting equipment, storage and processing halls

Hotels and Resort

For the planned hotels and resorts we need an area of ​​at least 5000 square meters, ideal areas from 1 hectare to 7 hectares. The area depends on the size of the regional ranch, plantation or farm.


Depending on the country and region, we are planning hotels with 50 to 170 rooms.
Hotel category: four stars
Room sizes: 36 sqm to 48 sqm
Floors: 2nd
The building style of the hotel is different for each country and is adapted to the style of the ranch, farm or plantation operation.
The hotel also has a resort area
Here we plan between 10 to 50 bungalows / villas

We check every offer and location offer worldwide.
1.) fill out the contact form
2.) We will contact you
3.) Describe your farm, ranch or plantation (send us some pictures if possible)
4.) If the information provides prerequisites for an investment, an appointment is
     made on the plantation, the farm or the ranch.
5.) Preparation and drafting of contracts
6.) we start with the project planning and the necessary investments

Contact us

Thank you for your message! We will contact you in the next 2 days.

Or projects

EUGERA GROUP Building view Typ 2 Paradis
EUGERA GROUP Ranch and Organic Farm Reso

Ranch and Organic Farms Hotel & Resorts 

The farm area includes modern greenhouses for the production of vegetables and fruits. The processing of up to 50% into juices and canned food takes place in our own plant.
The cooking school is for both the regional residents and guests of the Ranch and Farm Hotel

We plan to implement the hotel project in many countries around the world. The project is a combination of tourism, travel and work and a cooperation with the farm, the plantation or the ranch.
Ranch and Organic Farm Hotel & Resort later offers its guests not only a peaceful vacation, but also the opportunity to get to know the country and its people as well as the local cuisine.
The number of planned locations and countries that are planned will be marketed by prominent travel providers in the future.

Planned locations worldwide

Asia and South- East Asia

  • China

  • Japan

  • Vietnam

  • Cambodia

  • Thailand

  • Indonesia

  • Philippina

  • Japan


  • South Africa

  • Lesotho

  • Sambia

  • Tansania

  • Namibia

  • Ghana

  • Kenia


  • in planning

New Zeeland

  • in planning

Planned locations worldwide


  • Texas

  • Wyoming

  • Atlanta

  • Kansas City


  • Britsh Columbia


  • France

  • Italia

  • Espania

  • Portugal

South and Central America

  • Argentinia

  • Brasilia

  • Costa Rica

  • Chile

  • Equador

  • Mexico

  • Paraguay

  • Uruguay

Project Costa Rica

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