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Construction method: Steel prefabricated construction with finished concrete wall elements. All exterior and interior walls are supplied as prefabricated insulated concrete walls. The building development and planning as well as the entire equipment were planned according to European standards. We guarantee the best quality in all areas of the building.

  • The building can be raised by one or more floors if required.

  • The length is also variable and can be extended by one or more apartment rows.

  • If several buildings are planned, we would be happy to create a master plan for a complete residential complex.

Other building types of the same construction are available. For example, with apartments:

  • Living areas from 36 sqm to 120 sqm

  • with balcony or roof terrace

  • With tiled or flat roof


- Building base construction: steel construction

- Earthquake-proof: until 7.8

- Sound insulation: 96 db

- Heat and cold insulation: very high energy-saving insulation

- Building ceilings: EU-BY Floor + concrete

Building facts

- Concept planning: 2020

- Project development: 2020 by Eugera Industries Ltd

- Floors: 4th

- Ground floor: 30 parking spaces

- Shop: 1 shop including office, warehouse and toilet

- Inside wall: 150 mm

- Outside wall: 200 mm

- Building façade: 60 mm


- Number of apartments: 36

- Living area per apartment: 43.40 sqm

- 1 living, dining and cooking area including a fitted kitchen, 2 electric hobs, wash basin + crockery rack, extractor hood, base cabinets, wall cabinets, 3 stools

- 1 bathroom, including shower cabin + Shower faucet hot and cold water, washbasin + faucet two-hand mixer hot and cold water, mirror, towel holder, toilet

- 1 toilet with space for washing machine

- Kitchen and bathroom: hot and cold water

- 1 bedroom

- 2 Air-Conditions

- 1 Air-Ventilator (bathroom)

Windows and Doors

- Windows: depending on the country, double or triple glazed windows. System turn and tilt

- Apartment doors: Soundproof and fire-resistant doors in high quality

- Room doors: high quality, design selectable

- Bathroom door: moisture-proof door

Floors and Wall:

- Bathroom: tiled

- Cooking and dining area: tiled

- Living: natural stone in laminate look

- Corridors and stairwells: tiled

- Parking level: coated concrete

- Bathroom walls: tiled

- Cooking area: partly tiled

- Living area: wallpaper

- Bedroom: wallpaper

Energy system, exclusive equipment

- Ceiling lighting in all rooms: indirect LED lighting, bathroom + mirror lighting

- Light switch: 6 switches

- Living: 8 sockets

- Cooking: 6 sockets

- Food area: 2 sockets

- Bedroom: 6 sockets

- Bathroom: 2 sockets

- Connection for cable TV

- Telephone and Internet connection: pre-installed


- Production time in the factory: 8 weeks

- Delivery time: 15 days to 40 days from the completion of the components in the factory. (depends on the country)

- Delivery: worldwide

- Construction organization and management: worldwide

- Construction time from the upper edge of the foundation: 10 to 12 weeks depending on the country

We will send floor plans and an overview of the building types, apartments and furnishings on request

Contact us for further information.

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