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Eugera your future

Up to 50% plant financing for warehouses, logistics centers, workshops, car dealerships, exhibition halls, industrial buildings and many other business areas.

Turnkey projects worldwide.

Project planning

Project management

Project realization

Turnkey construction and handover

Factory financing up to financing up to 50%

Participation in projects in various industries from 10% to 49%

The Eugera Group and Partner is more than just a project developer. Eugera offers an optimal service and is a partner for companies planning growth or wanting to consolidate their existence. The 57 partner companies of the Eugera Group come from many industries and have years of experience.

The principle of Eugera Industries Ltd, (the founder of the Eugera Group and Partner) is to realize projects quickly and in a targeted manner.

We strive to realize every project, even in countries where small companies hardly have a chance to invest in their future and the business.

We offer buildings with financing or direct participation,

Steel prefab buildings for every purpose

Warehouses, production halls, industrial halls, workshop halls, exhibition halls, logistics centers including warehouse technology, office buildings, shopping centers and modular buildings

The offer is ideal for small and medium-sized companies, start-up companies and large companies.

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