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Exclusiv Bungalow

The Price for January 2020 only 390,-- USD per sq.m

Exclusive bungalow

Available in sizes 9 m x 9 m / 81 sq.m, 10 m x 10 m / 100 sq.m and 12 m x 12 m / 144 sq.m

Planning, production, delivery, construction management are for handing over the keys. Steel prefab construction in very high quality.

Incl. Floor (magic stone – natural stone) Windows: double glazed windows / turn-tilt system Base construction: steel frames Outside wall: 200 mm EPS concrete wall elements Inside wall: 100 mm EPS Concrete wall elements Roof insulation: 100 mm PU sandwich panel Insulated room ceiling

Electrical fuse box: 1

Sockets: 16

Light switch: 7 Fireproof: A1 and B 1 (The electro package can be delivery in I American standard I Australia standard I Asia standard and Europe standard)

Delivery worldwide.

Exclusive equipment including air conditioning or heating system.

Price from 390, - USD per sqm

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