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Expansion, Business Partners and Cooperation.

Aktualisiert: 5. Apr. 2023

Expansion, business partners and cooperation.

Picture: School project Africa

The Eugera Group and its partners begin implementing the expansion plans. In this area we offer optimal conditions for existing companies and for startup,s.

We focus on the future. We are looking for partner companies in America, South America, Caribben Islands, Europe and Africa to set up sales locations for room modules.

The expansion planned in module construction offers various business segments. a.) Sales offices and commercial agencies b.) Sales offices with a large exhibition area for sample modules c.) Sales offices with a large exhibition area and a final production of modules and room cells.

The Eugera Group offers the following module groups in a modular design, 1.) Modular apartment buildings from 36 sqm to 400 sqm 2.) Modular offices buildings from 14 sqm to 2000 sqm 3.) Apartments and apartment buildings in modular construction up to 30 floors 4.) Room modules for hotels and resorts 5.) Room modules, residential modules for workers 6.) Room modules for social housing projects 7.) Room modules for building schools 8.) Room modules for the construction of hospitals and medical centers

Modular buildings offer many advantages.

  • short planning time

  • short production time

  • short delivery time

  • short construction and assembly time

  • can be planned individually

  • flexible room layout and room sizes

  • modular buildings can be adapted to requirements.

  • expandable at any time with one or more modules

  • can be reduced by one or more modules at any time

  • Buildings can be moved to a different location or country at any time. By truck, train or ship

  • Extremely high fire protection: Modular buildings consist of 90% steel and metal and 10% non-combustible insulation materials.

  • Earthquake-proof up to M7.8 and on request up to M.8.2

  • Stormproof up to wind speeds of 200 kmh and more

  • modular buildings can be converted for a completely different purpose in a short time

  • long guarantee times

  • favorable purchase price and therefore ideal for an investment

  • Buy-back guarantee for modular buildings with temporary use

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