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Farm Investment and Participation GREENHOUSE FOR CUT FLOWERS

The new production building for cut flowers was planned on the basis of the latest technology. The high level of technical equipment optimizes production and guarantees a high rate of return.

Building Dimension:

Length: 80 m / 80000 mm

Width: 51.20 m / 51200 mm

Height: 7.25 m / 7250 mm

Product: Cut Flower production

Species: Orchids // Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Cymbidium

Building Floor Area: 4505.80 sqm

Production Area: Factor x 1.9

Total production Area: 5852 sqm

Solar plant: 1532,16 sqm

We offer the complete building including automatic table systems, irrigation systems, water cleaning systems, water storage, nutrient storage and mixing systems



Warehouse with packaging and cold storage

Staff rooms, social and sanitary facilities

Individual planning, production of the greenhouses at the partners of the EUGERA GROUP and PARTNER, delivery worldwide, assembly, commissioning, technical instruction

Special offers for existing farms and producers

The building requires a land area of around 10,000 square meters

AGERA GLOBAL FARMS & PLANTATIONS offers various financing models for the building.

Purchase on hire purchase, factory financing, leasing

AGERA GLOBAL FARMS & PLANTATIONS also participates in new production locations worldwide.

Preferred: South Central North America, Africa, Asia


Spain, Portugal, South of France, Italy

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