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Finding an investment that’s right for you

Asia offers optimal foundations for investors and real estate funds. The demand for housing will increase significantly in the coming years.

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Property Investments

The strong sectors include above all apartments with living space of 20 sqm to 60 sqm, followed by small houses with living space of 45 sqm to 140 sqm in closed residential complexes.


1.) Apartment condominiums from 2 to 10 floors

2.) Apartment blocks up to 20 floors

3.) Apartment tower up to 50 floors

4.) Tower in combination with economic sectors

5.) Tower incl. Shopping mall and office space

6.) Tower incl. Shopping malls, hotel from 120 to 500 rooms, office space

7.) Tower incl. Shopping malls, hotels four stars or five stars, office space and exclusive apartments and luxury penthouse

Residential complexes

a.) Residential complexes of 30 to 400 one-storey houses (workers' housing estates)

b.) Residences from 30 to 250 houses with 2 floors

c.) Residences from 30 to 250 houses with 3 or more floors

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