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We are looking for land for the construction of highway hotels in Europe, America and Canada. Especially for Europe, we are looking for locations directly on the motorways and highways. The Highway Hotels are designed so that the buildings can be realized in a short construction time.

The construction time is a maximum of 8 to 12 weeks until turnkey construction.

The construction and mounting system was specially developed for hotels in the category.

We generally offer hotels in this sector completely including equipment and all technology.

The setup can be changed depending on the country and operator.

We offer Highway Hotels from 40 rooms to 160 rooms.

For locations in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland we offer complete project development as well as construction planning and building applications, construction management by regional partners and architects.

The construction we have planned and developed for the highway hotels is also suitable for city locations and inner cities.

More informationen - for Highway Hotels

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