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Hospital and Medical Modules, Isolation Stations

Modular hospitals and treatment centers offer a quick solution. Hospitals and isolation stations for 40 patients up to 2000 patients can be built in a short time in a modular design.

Hospital and medical modules, isolation stations, modular and transportable quarantine module units.

Hospitals can also be planned and built with different doctor and treatment sections. Different treatment sections: yes Isolation stations: yes Operating rooms and emergency medical reports: yes Intensive care units: yes construction in several floors: yes Passenger lifts: yes Freight lifts: yes

The Eugera Group and its partners offer medical modules to accommodate patients. Treatment rooms, operating rooms in modular construction, complete hospitals in modular construction.

As well as modules to accommodate personnel and management.

Short-term planning

Short-term production

Short-term delivery

Construction: modular and element construction

Including furnishings on request

High quality modules with strong external and internal wall insulation, protection doors

On request also complete with air-conditioning, electronics, network technology and equipment

Requirements and space planning as well as building planning are created in a maximum of 2 days.

Delivery and assembly: worldwide


Hospital - und Medizinische Module, Isolierstationen, Modulare und transportable Quarantäne Moduleinheiten

Die Eugera Group und ihre Partner bieten, medizinische Module zur Unterbringung von Patienten. Behandlungsräume, OP Räume in modularer Bauweise, komplette Krankenhäuser in modularer Bauweise.

Sowie Module zur Unterbringung von Personal und Management.

Kurzfristige Planung

Kurzfristige Produktion

Kurzfristige Lieferung

Bauweise: Modular und Elementbau

Auf Wunsch inklusive Einrichtung

Hochwertige Module mit einer starken Außen- und Innenwand-Dämmung, Schallschutztüren

Auf Wunsch auch komplett mit Air-Condition, Elektrik, Netzwerktechnik und Einrichtung

Bedarfs- und Flächen Planung sowie Gebäudeplanung werden in maximal 2 Tagen erstellt.

Lieferung und Montage: weltweit


Delivery worldwide

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