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Industry - Warehouse

Project no 405

Eugera Industries Ltd as a project developer works with various partners in many countries worldwide. In Europe we work together with regional companies and architects in the field of project planning and project implementation.

Project development - Industry Steel-Warehouse

Project development and design planning: Eugera Development Service Steel Structure: BY Steel China

Project information

  • Building length 60 m

  • Building width 40 m

  • GFA: 2400 sqm

  • Including offices and sanitary facilities

  • Wall covering: 75 mm Rockwool Sandwich Panel

  • Roof covering: 75 mm Rockwool Sandwich Panel

  • Steel structure: completely hot-dip galvanized

  • Sectional doors: Electrical with sensor and impulse drive

Production plants for steel building constructions

Steel for Warehouses and Industrial Projects

Hot-dip galvanized steel structures. Eugera Industries works with various manufacturers of steel and steel building structures. We offer our customers quality and at the best price

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