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Market development in Central and South America

We would like to expand our existing network and offer small and medium-sized companies optimal opportunities. Sectors: metal processing, project developers, architects and construction companies We are looking for partners and companies in the following countries: Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Cost Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico

The Eugera Group plans to expand the network and offers good opportunities for new business and cooperation partners. In times of the Corona crisis we learned that it is important not only to act on behalf of customers. It is much more important to be active and to realize projects and plans as an investment of the corporate group. If projects are carried out on behalf of a third party, then each project depends on the financial stability of the client. This risk can be significantly reduced if concepts, ideas, projects and growth are realized exclusively via the group of companies and their partners. The goal is not only to develop projects for external clients. We plan to implement up to 60% of the projects for the corporate group in the future. The Eugera Group thus becomes an investor and property manager.

The Eugera Group and its partners plan to develop their own projects in Central and South America. The focus is on the implementation of projects in various areas. Shops and exhibition halls Shop houses Warehouse Workshops Logistics center, cold storage Industrial building Apartment buildings in city locations Social projects Residential complexes

The offer is for existing companies, sole traders and start-ups.

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