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The plan is to build a new modern logistics center for various freight areas and product groups.

The modern logistics center offers various storage sectors.

1. Frozen cargo, refrigerated cargo for fruit, vegetables and food

2. Warehouses for general cargo and merchandise

3. Building materials, machinery and technology

4. Bulky goods, steel, metals and construction material

5. Liquid products and light chemicals

Planning: 2020

Final planning: 2020

Start of construction June 2021

Completion: October 2021

Building no. 1 has a gross floor area of 2744 sqm

Building no. 2 has a gross floor area of 2952 sqm

Building no. 3 has a gross floor area of 904 sqm

Building no. 4 has a gross floor area of 6720 sqm

Central external storage area covers an areal of 24,000 sqm

External office building, gross floor area 2400 sqm

Parking for 100 trucks, total 10,000 sqm

Container warehouse for sea containers: 10000 sqm

Truck workshop, gas station etc. 2000 sqm

We will shortly present the complete project including the location and master plan.

Project developer: EUGERA GROUP and PARTNER

For more information please contact us

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