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New Vegetables Factory of 94 Hectares in Sosua

The most modern vegetable production in the Caribbean - Diominican Republic

Eugera Industries Ltd and their Partners are planning an ultra-modern greenhouse facility for the production of various types of vegetables, cut flowers and plants and mushroom production. The new production facility will be built on an area of 940,000 sqm (94 hectares)

In total, various buildings will be built on the site over the next 12 months.

450,000 sqm greenhouses, warehouses and processing halls.

1 vocational and training school with 3 floors

1 office building with 8 floors

1 car park with 3 floors

3 apartment blocks with approx. 450 modern apartments for workers

1 wholesale market hall

1 water treatment plant and reprocessing

1 restaurant and 1 canteen for truck drivers, employees and visitors

1 tropical greenhouse for visitors and employees

1 Medical Service Point for employees

1 fitness and relaxation area (gym and spa) for employees

Are you planning a new greenhouse? Eugera Industries Ltd plans greenhouse projects of all sizes. It doesn't matter whether a customer plans 1000 sqm or 500000 sqm.

  • We develop and plan your project including the entire technology.

  • We deliver worldwide

  • we take over the entire construction control and construction management up to the commissioning

  • Eugera Industries Ltd as a partner, we participate in projects with 5% up to 49%

For more information: Contact us

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