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Portable Gold Washing Plants and Mining Technology

Portable gold washing plants for small and medium-sized mines. These washing systems are already in operation in various mines in Australia, Africa, North America and Russia. The gold panning systems work efficiently and filter even the smallest gold particles from the washed material.

Gold panning plant in Canada, manufactured in Asia

In the field of materials handling and mining technology, we work together with manufacturers in different countries.

Customers who purchase technology through Eugera Industries Ltd benefit from the entire network of the Eugera Group. Through the Eugera Group, mining companies and investors have access to 18 machine manufacturers in 11 countries.

Gold panning plant in Africa-Ghana, manufactured in Asia

We offer gold panning systems in various performance ranges

up to 100 tons/d

up to 300 tons/d

up to 500 tons/d

up to 1000 tons/d

up to 3000 tons/d

For large mines, we design and deliver specially technically and performance-optimized gold panning systems, including all further processing.

We provide technology for more mining companies

  • Diamond mines

  • Gold mines

  • Silver mines

  • Copper mines

  • Ore mines

  • Coal mines

  • as well as for all other raw materials that are obtained in mining or from deep extraction.

With our partners, we also create flow charts for new mines to be designed in all areas.

  • We design, plan, produce and deliver any required machine, production plant worldwide.

  • Payment according to contractual agreement

  • Participation of the Eugera Group or its partners (manufacturers) in mines and projects possible

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