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Eugera Industries News: 31.October.2022.

Eugera Industries Ltd has a strong technology division specializing in mining equipment for all mining categories, water treatment, reclamation and deep well drilling equipment.

Development of trading partnerships, sales companies, service stations and a dealer network in Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands.

We offer optimal conditions for existing companies as well as for young entrepreneurs who want to build up a secure and solid business with us.

Transportable and self-propelled well drilling machines for deep drilling from 50 m to 200 m. We also supply machines for drilling depths from 200 m to 800 m.

Drinking water is the most important basis for the livelihood of people in many countries and regions.

Water is becoming scarce and costs are constantly increasing.

A deep well can help reduce costs by up to 90%. A deep well secures the water needs of individual families or complete residential complexes as well as for smaller villages. Deep wells ensure the water supply for agricultural areas and for animal husbandry.

Eugera Group and Partner

  • We offer well drilling machines from different manufacturers.

  • We supply all accessories and water pumps

  • Very high quality, guarantee and service

  • Delivery worldwide

  • Payment upon arrival in the CIF port of the destination country or for trading and partner companies by agreement

  1. Are you interested in setting up a trading and service location?

  2. Are you interested in marketing the drills and other technology on behalf of Eugera?

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