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Ranch and Organic Farm Hotel & Resort


The hotel project includes a new hotel concept that is to be implemented in special locations in different countries.

Project developer: Eugera Group and Partner Floors: 2 Number of rooms: 170 Category: four star and five star

Ranch and organic farm tourism is more than just a trend. In combination with an exclusive wellness resort, the concept is an optimal offer for a wide group of customers.

The "Ranch and Organic Farm" Hotel and Resort is to be built in 50 different countries. Overview of all countries and locations

We are planning for 2020 to 2025. We offer detailed information on the overall concept for hotel operating companies, banks, ranch, plantation and farm owners and operators. Ranch and Organic Farm Hotel & Resort

We are looking to realize our tourism project, farm and plantation owners and ranch owners. We connect the local farms, plantations and ranches with a tourism project and thus invest in the local farms. It is important to us to convert the current farms and plantations by investing in organic farms.

It is also important for the project that the farm and plantation operations are continued and modernized.

Planning, construction and investment are organized and implemented by the operating company, banks, investors, funds and the group of companies. The project is to be established in over 50 countries. The investments do not only go to hotels and holiday bungalows. The investments also flow into the infrastructure of agricultural companies, in drinking water extraction and water treatment, in access roads, paths, technology, halls and warehouses as well as in workers' accommodation

Are you the owner of a farm? A plantation? or a ranch?

You want more information about our Ranch and Organic Farm Hotel & Resorts project.

We are interested in locations for farm, plantation and ranches in all countries of Asia, Africa, North, Central and South America as well as in some countries in Europe and Russia

Then contact us

The standard concept is planned with 170 rooms and approx. 20 attractive villas.

1. A separate free-standing restaurant with terraces and pools

2. A lobby building with offices, cafes and staff rooms

The concept includes an exclusive wellness sector that underlines the natural concept.

The construction is planned in steel prefab and modular construction.

The construction time for a project is approximately 4 to 6 months.

Hardly any construction work will be carried out at the location of the new hotel. The concept is planned so that the construction takes place in complete components that are only assembled on site.

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