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Shop house in high quality and best equipment

TOP PRICE 390,-- USD per sq.m (FOB Price)

Project development, production, delivery worldwide

8 to 10 week key ready

Buy, rent or leasing

Shop house in high quality and best equipment

Dimensions: 6000 mm x 18000 mm

Building area: 108 sq.m.

Floors: 3rd

Total building area: 324 sqm

Construction: steel construction + EPS and ALC wall panels

Individual planning: yes

Production: about 3 weeks

Delivery: worldwide

Assembly / construction: construction management and assembly controlling worldwide

Quality: A1

Guarantee: 10 years

Warranty: yes

Service: yes


External walls: EPS concrete wall elements 150 mm

Inner walls: 100 mm ALC aerated concrete walls

Roof 100 mm EPS sandwich panel

Roof drainage: yes

Water pipes and taps, shower, shower tap

Sewage pipes, filters, floor drains

Sanitary facilities for staff and customers

Mini kitchen for commercial areas

Double-glazed thermal insulation windows, tilt-and-turn and sliding windows

inner doors

exterior doors

Aluminum blinds, roller shutters

Fully wired, electrical fuse box

Liecht switch




outdoor lighting

Video cameras and remote monitoring, arlam system


solar system

Natural stone floors

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