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New Shophouse TOP OFFER

Shophouse new Top price, best quality, available at short notice, construction management, construction organization.

Total area including roof terrace: 376.64 sq.m

Shophouse new offer

Ground floor: width: 11000 mm / 11 m x length 10800 mm / 10.8 m = 118.8 sqm

First floor: width: 11000 mm / 11 m x length 11725 mm / 11.72 m

128.92 sqm

Roof terrace: 11000 mm / 11 m x length 11725 mm / 11.72 m

128.92 sqm

Steel structure construction - painted steel structure

Earthquake-proof up to M7.8

Wall structure outer wall: ALC concrete wall 200 mm

Inner wall construction: ALC aerated concrete wall 100 mm/150mm

Floor: Comfloor steel-concrete floor

Termo windows double glazed

Automatic sliding doors

Incl. sanitary facilities

Floors: 2

Included: stairs

Rooftop walk-in reinforced concrete ceiling

Roof terrace railings made of stainless steel and safety glass

Windows with aluminum shutters

Standards: SGS, DIN and ISO norms

Price: USD 39,000,-- FOB Price

We offer direct purchase or rent purchase over 24 months

All plans to the shophouse in the side show


Coffe container complete: USD 9,900,--

Floor tiles

Electrical fuse box

Electrical pre-wiring 3-wire cable 1.5Q and 2.5Q

LED lighting on both floors

Delivery: to Indonesia as well as to Malaysia, Philippina, Thailand and Africa

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