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Steel Warehouse 25 m x 11 m high quality

Warehouse - New

Dimensions: length 25 m x width 11 m x height 5.75 m

Building area: 275 sqm

Snow load zone: until 3

Wind load teeth: up to 4

Sectional gate: width 4 m x height 4 m material aluminum

Staff doors: 2 width 950 mm x height 2050 mm

Electric fuse box: yes

Roof covering: 75 mm EPS sandwich panel

Wall cladding: 75 mm PU sandwich panel

Guarantee: yes

Delivery time production: 14 days

Delivery time to the customer: 14 days to 45 days, depending on the customer's country

CE certificate: yes

Produced in compliance with all ISO and DIN standards

Factory FOB price: USD 26125,--


Roof covering: 50 mm EPS sandwich panel

Wall cladding: 2.5 mm sheet metal

Factory FOB price: USD 19200,--

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