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The new Land-Bank L.B-O.M.C. Social - Projects

It is planned to establish a land ownership and management company.

Registered office of the management company: Singapore

Board of Directors: Eugera Industries Ltd Hong Kong and MPS-C Ltd Hong Kong and all the landowners.

You would like more about the L.B.-O.M.C. experienced? It's just a click.

In principle, anyone who owns land has three options.

a.) You keep the land in your possession

      Land income is zero. Any costs incurred must be paid for yourself.

b.) You rent the land

      There is land ownership where use is complicated. This does not mean that the country cannot generate any income.

c.) You sell the land

      You get a one-time purchase price and no longer own a country. Sell land? The question is why?

With a land ownership, profit can be permanently generated without the land having to be sold.

The L.B.-O.M.C. now offers a fourth option. This option is based on many years of experience and the necessary number of business areas in which the entire group of companies operates.

We guarantee that every land ownership will generate income.

Advantages that offer 100 percent and absolute secure.

1. The landowner always remains the owner of his property.

2. There are no foreign registrations in the land register

3. You don't have to invest a dime

4. Absolute transparency, You will automatically become a member of the Board of Directors of L.B.-O.M.C.

5. Your land holdings quickly generate a fixed income every month.

You would like more about the L.B.-O.M.C. experienced? It's just a click.

The L.B.-O.M.C. offers a solid and long-term use of land property and generates income and profits for land owners.

We are investing in the new establishment of regional organic farms and plantations.

We invest in the extraction, cleaning and bottling of drinking water. Preferred in regions suffering from water shortages.

We invest in energy generation using solar and photovoltaic systems.

We manage land holdings for private owners and also large areas for authorities and city, territorial administrations.

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