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We plan and build greenhouse facilities from 100 sqm to 100,000 sqm with our partners. The new operating company AGERA GLOBAL FARMS & PLABNTATIONS is looking for locations for greenhouse facilities in many countries around the world. The locations can be leased on a long-term basis. (A purchase can also be negotiated)

The A.G.F.P. invests in existing farms and agricultural companies and participates long-term in greenhouse and farm projects of all kinds and to any extent.

The A.G.F.P. offers greenhouse and production systems as well as technology, processing plants, warehouses for small, medium and large farms.

The A.G.F.P. also supports small and regional farmers. For this purpose, various models are offered for effective support.


.. partner for project development, greenhouses with foil roofing, greenhouses with plastic and Plexiglas as well as glass roofing, work halls, warehouses, cold rooms, staff and social rooms, staff apartments, packaging technology, processing technology, filling systems, water storage systems, water recycling systems, drip irrigation systems for greenhouse systems and plantations , Greenhouse management and control systems, investments and participations also in the infrastructure and marketing of the farms

Greenhouse systems with foil roofing offer several advantages. A special suitability is that greenhouses with foil roofing are ideally suited for locations and regions that show a high earthquake risk.

Another advantage is the low cost factor. Greenhouses and greenhouse systems can also be planned and built with a foil covering in any size (length x width x height).

Are you planning a greenhouse project?

Are you looking for a partner?

Are you planning an expansion?

Are you planning a modernization?


Solar systems can also be used on plastic greenhouses. Modern agriculture and farm companies not only produce vegetables, fruits and crops such as potatoes, beets, grains, corn and soy. Modern agriculture and farming companies are becoming energy producers and water purification and water pumping companies. Modern farms become social utility companies and contribute to higher and better living standards in the region.

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