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Eugera Group: the Factories of the Partners 
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Partner Factories - Steel structure 

Partner Factories - Rebar steel 

Partner Factories - Sandwich Panels

Partner Factories - Building Facades 

Partner Factories - EPS Cement Wall elements

Partner Factories - Sanitary ware 

Partner Factories - Windows + Doors

Partner Factories - Tiles and natural stone

Partner Factories - Container + Modul production 

Partner Factories - More Products  

Partner Factories - Machinery and Technology

Partner Factories - LED interior and exterior lighting

Partner Factories - Solar systems, alternative energy

Projects and orders for 2023, 2024 and 2025 for partners and companies worldwide. Status: January 2022 - 18 projects in 6 countries
In the login area for manufacturers, suppliers and construction companies, we currently offer orders in Germany, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Sint Maarten, Peru, Paraguay and Ghana, France, Austria, Spain and Portugal
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New Factory: Steel Factory - Philippines 2023
 Manufacturer and Partner for Steel and modular Construction     //   Go to -- Manufacturer and Partner for Mining Companies
Eugera +Partner F-100-10.png

Factory no. 017

Steel Factory for steel structure and infrastructure projects


Eugera +Partner F-100-7.png

Factory no. 017.1

Steel Factory for steel structure - infrastructure projects


Eugera +Partner F-100-11.png

Factory no. 018

Steel structure for Warehouse and Workshops 


Eugera Steel B-C. 105.png

Factory no. 013

Production for steel structures - custom-made

China / Malaysia

Eugera Steel B-C. 106.png

Factory no. 014

Production for H, I, C, U Steel Beam and Column


Eugera 107.png

Factory no. 015

Production for galvanized sheets as well as sheets in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel


Eugera Industries Steel Coil (4).jpg

Factory no. 010

Factory for Steel Colis and Sheet Metal


EUGERA INDUSTRIES steel construction ger

Factory no. 011

Steel structur for Ware- and Industrie Building and Car-parkhouses


Eugera Infrasructur projects.png

Factory no. 012

Producent for Infrastructure projects


Eugera steel factory 0003.png

Factory no. 007

Steel factory for for infrastructure projects and industrial plants



Factory no. 008

Production of Steel - Buildings and Prefab Buildings


EUGERA Windows (48).jpg

Factory no. 009

Special Factory for Glass, Windows, Doors and Building facades 


Eugera +Partner F-100-8.png

Factory no. 004

Steel Structure for Public Buildings, Terminals and Train Stations 



Factory no. 005

Manufacturer of steel structures for high-rise buildings up to 50 floors


Stahl- Prefab Bau (3).jpg

Factory no. 006

Manufacturer of steel structures for apartments, offices and hotel buildings


E-I. Group Steel Construction (25).jpg

Factory no. 001

Steel structure factory for Warehouse and Workshops


Eugera + Partner 2022.a-103.png

Factory no. 002

Steel structure for industry and hangar halls


Eugera Industries 8.png

Factory no. 003

Steel structure for hotels, apartment buildings and high-rise buildings


Machine manufacturer and partner for mining companies
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