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JI-CITY - 2170 Hectares Mega City Project

The Eugera Group and Partners take over the Project development for the Mega Project JI-City

Part of the new JI-City

The project is planned on an area of 2170 hectares and will be a green city as well as a modern smart city.

New production companies from various industries are being relocated to the JI-City area. Regional companies will have their headquarters on part of the JI City area.

The plan is to build around 24,000 new houses and apartments, as well as offices, banks, schools, universities, hospitals, shopping centers, shops and an exhibition center.

The JI-City will get a highly modern infrastructure and thus offer a high level of quality of life.

For the first time, the JI-City project offers foreign companies the opportunity to open production and trade companies in Indonesia-Sumatra. An experienced team is available in Jakarta for foreign companies. The team helps with the application for all permits and licenses and supports interested companies in all questions up to the commissioning of the new location. Are you interested in the project? Contact us

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