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Modern warehouse for companies

Project no 260

Project development by Eugera Industries Ltd

Eugera Industries also develops small storage and production halls for construction companies, freight forwarders and craft companies

Building information

Length: 30.2m

Width: 18.2 m

GFA: 549.64 sqm

Roofing: 100mm Rockwool Sandwich Panels

Wall covering: 100mm Rockwool sandwich panels

Sectional doors: insulated and with electric drive

Eugera Group - Services

a. project development

b. project planning

c. Production of the steel structure through Eugera's partners

i.e. Production of the wall and roof covering via Eugera's partners

e. Production of roller and sectional doors through Eugera's partners

f. Transportation and delivery worldwide

G. Assembly management and engineering services

Assembly management and engineering services

Loading and Transportation

Further project developments

Project no 457-LV Luxury villa

Project no 431 Car workshop with office

Project no 405 Industry warehouse

Project no 260 Modern warehouse for companies

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