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The world and the economy are changing.

The world will be different after the crisis. The economy will also change as a result of the current global crisis. 1.) Bankruptcies, company takeovers, business associations, and cooperations

Many small and medium sized companies will give up and close due to the crisis. The Eugera Group offers a strategically strong partnership for construction companies, producers and suppliers for the construction industry as well as for architects and planning companies. For the first time, the Eugera Group also offers small and medium-sized companies worldwide opportunities to become a partner of the Eugera Group. Would you like to find out more about the possibilities? Please contact us.

2.) People, workers - the losers of the crisis In many countries, many people will have their job and only a low income. We offer an opportunity for people who want to change and to create a new income in marketing, sales for products and projects of the Eugera Group. In this segment we offer a strategy plan that we would like to implement with you. The Eugera Group's strategy plan offers opportunities for many countries. If you are interested, please contact us.

The crisis is real, unemployment is increasing worldwide. We are already implementing a strategy plan. We offer opportunities for small and medium-sized companies. Even in times of crisis, there are market opportunities, you just have to recognize them.

3.) Corporations and suppliers

Large corporations will post losses in an unquantifiable amount. Here too, there will be significant changes in the operating procedures. Especially when you look at the entire supply chain for large corporations. 4.) The Construction Industry There will be significant changes in the construction industry. In many countries, large projects as well as normal real estate projects are currently at a standstill. Construction is currently no longer ongoing on many construction sites. When can it be built again? The question cannot be answered at the moment.

5.) The Retail Trade The buying behavior of customers will change significantly. The retail sector is currently losing a large proportion of its customers. Customers shop online in times of crisis and curfew. The winners of the crisis are the big online retailers like Amazon. Retailers find it difficult or only partially possible to win these customers back.

The EUGERA GROUP in the Future

We as a group of companies have prepared for the crisis and developed a strategy plan with the group's partners. The group includes 51 companies with approximately 3 million square meters of production space and approximately 21,000 employees. The strategic plan includes the following points business restructuring for the group itself new business areas that are emerging due to the crisis and have already emerged realignment of the complete marketing and product marketing via own online platforms Alignment and conversion of some production sites to the future area of ​​activity (The group's partners can request the new fields of activity and the associated order situation by email. the global and worldwide implementation of projects in the segment of social housing the global and worldwide implementation of projects in the medical care segment and the construction of modular treatment centers and hospitals the construction of own trade and construction centers in different countries worldwide.

Modulare Hospitals

We are not waiting for the crisis to end. We are starting now during the crisis

We offer information about modular hospitals and mobile treatment centers on our website and on the partner's website. Contact us if you have any questions about our modular buildings.

We already offer information on a new construction method for apartments and houses. Contact us if you have any questions about our modular buildings.

The crisis in which the global economy and the countries are located will have an enormous impact for the coming years. The economy will recover, this will be possible for some industries in the shortest possible time, for other industries the recovery can drag on for years.



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